Karachi Conservation – A Business and Biodiversity Platform

Karachi Conservation (KC) is a Business and Biodiversity Platform initiated by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) in collaboration with Pakistan’s leading private sector companies and the Port Qasim Authority (PQA). This is the first-ever private sector-led environmental conservation platform being established in Pakistan, with IUCN as a technical partner.
Launched on December 2017, Karachi Conservation is a national initiative driven jointly by IUCN, PQA and the private sector with the objective of promoting biodiversity and environmental conservation in Karachi in general and Port Qasim Area in particular.

The first Initiating Partners of KC are the Port Qasim Authority (PQA), IUCN, Engro Foundation, Pakistan International Bulk Terminal (PIBT), and the Felda WestBury Qasim (Pvt) Limited (FWQ).

The specific objectives of KC are as follows:

  1. Strengthen engagement of the private sector in biodiversity conservation.
  2. Support the private sector’s access to knowledge, tools and best environmental practices for greater awareness and capacity building.
  3. Member networking through actual and virtual forums.
  4. Enhance the members’ image of responsible businesses through publicity and outreach based on credible and verifiable performances.
  5. To enable members by providing them knowledge and the tools required and to encourage business to integrate biodiversity conservation into their ongoing business operations.
  6. To provide a forum where members can share ideas and knowledge and tools on best practices, within and across business sectors, with other national initiatives that will help business in addressing the environmental and sustainable development issues.
  7. Provide capacity building support and guidance to members to incorporate nature friendly policies and practices and values into their operations so as to reduce their ecological footprint on a national scale.
    Harmonize business actions with global and national environmental and sustainable development goals and targets